Remote Start Kits

The perfect interior temperature all year long! 

We did an experiment in the dead of summer here in Oklahoma.  We took a temperature reading from the interior of a Range Rover after sitting in the parking lot all day, and then we used our remote start and let it run for 20 minutes.   Our findings were that the interior temperature dropped 61 degrees!  That is a huge! 

With one of our remote start kits, you will never have to worry about entering a scorching hot interior in the summer again!  Likewise, your days of entering a completely frozen interior will also be over!   Pair one of our remote start kits with our seat heater kits and you'll have an environment comfortable enough to binge watch Netflix.


How it works

99% of our Remote Start kits are designed to adapt to your factory key FOB.  If you need longer range, we do offer Long Range Remote Kits and a Smart Phone Module that will give you unlimited range.  Adding either of these options will still let you use your factory key FOB to start your vehicle.

In addition to the above, we have Kits available for the vehicles that only have a key without the lock/unlock buttons.   Adding one of our Remote Start Kits along with a Long Range Remote Kit will not only give you remote start, but if you have power locks, you will get keyless entry too!  


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If you do not see your vehicle listed, please email us.  We are constantly developing new products and adding them to the site.  We may have what you're looking for but it hasn't been added to the website yet. 


Visit our Testimonial Section if you want to hear what others are saying about our products.  If you have questions in about our remote start kits, visit our FAQ section.

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