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You MUST HAVE a fast computer and fast internet for this device to work.   If you have a Windows 98 computer or anything other than HIGH SPEED internet, this option will not work for you.


Please note that this device is NOT for customer use!   This is a device that allows our technicians to remote in to your remote start device to complete Stage 2 Programming or to make changes to the programming on the Remote Start Module.    YOU will not do anything with this device other than what is instructed by our team. 



If you choose to "figure it out" or attempt usage on your own, your warranty will be void and a return/refund will not be accepted. 



Save Time & Money!

Some of our remote start kits require a 2 stage programming process. This will be specified on the product page. This means that after you receive the kit from us, you would complete Stage One on your own, and then send the module back to us so we can complete the 2nd stage. This has been the normal routine for the past 6+ years. As business grows we have a need to stream line this process and we are now offering a much more convenient and faster way to achieve the same results.

This service is 100% optional and not required. We understand if some people do not have a computer or requirements to use this service.


The Magical Box!

This little guy is for all of you that have a vehicle that requires a two stage programming process that want to skip the 'old' way of doing things. This Magic Box will allow us to program your remote start module from our facility! This is HUGE! The previous method of completing a 2 stage programming took about about a week and a half and the module had to ship through the postal courier 4 times. FOUR TIMES! The risk of the module getting lost was extreme, and unfortunately it happens. By purchasing our Magic Box, all of this is completely eliminated! Click HERE to learn more about the standard 2 stage programming method.


How it works

You purchase this device and we take care of all the programming remotely! This Magic Box has a $50 refundable deposit if returned within 30 days of purchase.  This purchase includes the Magic Box device and our programming fee to remote in. The tech programming fee is non refundable.

The use of the Magic Box is optional and not required. If you choose not to purchase this you will have to complete the 2 stage programming process the standard way which requires shipping the module back to us. This way works just fine, but we are all at the mercy of the shipping companies as far as the turn around time.


  • $50 is refundable if returned within 30 days of purchase
  • No risk of loosing remote start module in mail
  • No additional shipping cost
  • No additional shipping time
  • Comes complete with programmer, USB cable and module adapter
  • You get to watch us work in real time
  • Save roughly a week of shipping time
  • Guaranteed to work every time
  • Step by Step walk through
  • Can also help set up Smart Phone Module at the same time
  • Can use a PC - you do not need a laptop



  • Windows operating system
  • Internet Explorer (can use IE Chrome plug in)
  • Internet Connection
  • A Mac computer running windows will not work
  • Edge internet will not work


Special Notes

  • This device has a $50 refundable deposit if returned within 30 days of purchase
  • Keeping this device will result in forfeit of any refundable amount 

Don't want to purchase the Magic Box? No problem! Click below to read about the standard 2 stage programming process in our FAQ section.




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