Installation Videos

Videos so detailed you can have your kids do it!

We try to shoot an install video for every application we have to help our customers with the installation process if needed.  Most of our kits are super easy to install without the use of a video, but who wouldn't want a step-by-step tutorial to help along the way?  It is not an easy task covering all of our vehicles applications.  We constantly reach out to friends, family, customers, our dealership accounts, and even search for vehicles at local rental companies.  We are constantly added videos to out Youtube playlist section.  

All of our products come with printed color instructions.  If you need installations assistance we are always here to help!

Some vehicle have the same installation process, and we may use one video for multiple vehicle references.  For example, most Lexus & Toyota push button start vehicles all install and program the exact same way, therefore we may use our Toyota Highlander video on the Lexus GX460 page.

NOTE - If you do in fact have your kids install the remote start kit, we want a video of it to add to our Youtube channel.  There could be an incentive in it for you....


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