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Fathers Day Sale 15% Off SHOP NOW!
Fathers Day Sale 15% Off SHOP NOW!
Fathers Day Sale 15% Off SHOP NOW!
Fathers Day Sale 15% Off SHOP NOW!
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Toyota 4Runner: Accessories and Add-Ons That Add Value

by Brandon Woodring 02 Oct 2019
Top Toyota 4Runner Accessories & Add-Ons to Enhance Value

The Toyota 4Runner is a very popular vehicle, and for a good reason. This mighty vehicle is highly convenient and provides several easy upgrade options to increase the resell value of your car.

This is the definitive guide to buying mods, accessories, and add-ons for the Toyota 4Runner. There are a lot of ways to upgrade your 4Runner, adding to its value. However, before we get into that, let’s cover the 4Runner basics.


The Advantages of Owning a Toyota 4Runner

The Toyota 4runner is one of many truck-based, SUV-style vehicles. Vehicles like this aren’t as large as SUVs, and they usually don’t consume as much fuel. However, they do provide more space and seating options than the typical car or truck. 


How to Maintain your 4Runner

Preventative maintenance is an important concept that every vehicle owner should understand. Slacking on your vehicle maintenance can lead to serious problems down the road that can end up being quite costly. Certain aspects of caring for a vehicle require regular attention. 


A Few Maintenance Tips

Whether you’re driving a Toyota 4Runner or any other vehicle, there are a few preventative maintenance tips that you should keep in mind. Remember these four tips as often as you can and make your vehicle last longer!

Regular Check-ups

Part of maintaining your vehicle is taking it to your mechanic for regular inspections. This way, if there are any problems, you’ll know about them before they become more serious. 

If you don’t want to go to the mechanics as often, consider investing in an OBD2 scanner. These scanners work with most cars made after 1996, and they do most of what a mechanic does. 

Sometimes, OBDII scanners can be a bit expensive, but they’re a one-time purchase that will save you several visits to the mechanic. This is the kind of investment that will pay for itself quickly.

Replace the Air Filter

To keep your car’s performance up to par, be sure to replace its air filter once it’s become too dirty. Simply remove the filter and hold it up to a source of light. If the light doesn’t shine through the filter, it’s time to replace it with a new one. 

Change Oil and Fluids

Make sure that your vehicle’s oil is up to the fill line and clean enough to use. If it’s time for an oil change, you can save yourself some money and time by changing it yourself

Changing your vehicle’s oil and other fluids is actually very easy and costs a lot less than paying a mechanic to do it. In addition to your vehicle's oil, keep an eye on the power-steering fluid, transmission fluid, wiper fluid, and brake fluid.

Maintain Proper Tire Pressure

Remember to regularly check your tire’s PSI and adjust the tire pressure as needed. Improper tire pressure can increase the wear and tear that occurs while driving. It can cause your ride to become bumpier. 

Keep up with your tire pressure and keep your vehicle riding smoothly. 

If you’re interested in how you can further care for your vehicle, check out this article from Esurance. It goes into great detail discussing several ways to extend your vehicle’s lifespan with preventative maintenance. 

Of course:

More goes into caring for a vehicle than these four tips. You’ll also need to change the lights and keep up your car’s other systems. However, following these four tips should keep your preventative maintenance covered and make your car last longer. 

 4runner maintenance

4Runner Mods That Increase Value 

Now that we’ve discussed what 4Runners are and the basics of vehicular maintenance, let’s talk about some 4Runner modifications. If you want to increase your 4Runners value, consider these modifications as investments

Not only will they improve your driving experience, but they’ll actually make your vehicle more valuable. That could make it easier to resell in the future, and you can enjoy these upgrades in the meantime. 

Infotainment System

The oldest infotainment systems allowed us to access the radio while driving. Now, they allow us to do so much more. Whether you’re playing music from your phone or listening to GPS directions, infotainment systems can make your ride safer and more convenient.

Systems like these allow you to receive driving directions via Bluetooth without even looking at your phone! It also allows you to stream music directly from your phone with apps like Spotify. 

Don’t subject yourself to all of the advertisements that come with radio stations. Jam out for the entire ride with a high-quality infotainment system.

Leather Seats

Premium leather seats will improve the value of just about any car. If you want to class up your ride while making it more valuable, consider changing your upholstery. Leather seats look modern, and will instantly increase the value of your 4Runner.


Those that want to change up their 4Runner’s look have a lot of options to consider. If this is you, think about replacing your old stock rims for some new ones! Changing your rims cans significantly shake up the exterior look of your vehicle, and it’ll even increase its value.


This is a small modification that can bring some style to your 4Runner. Installing a new exhaust system isn’t that difficult, and many won’t even need to hire a mechanic to do so. 

A new exhaust system can change up the look of your 4Runner, and it will usually change the way that your engine sounds. If you want to change up the way that your 4Runner looks, feels, and sounds, choosing a new exhaust system is an easy way to do this. 

Remote Start

The remote start feature started popping up in new vehicles a few years ago, but you don’t have to have a current vehicle to use this impressive feature. 

For those that don’t know, a remote start feature simply allows you to start your vehicle with the touch of a button, even if you’re outside the vehicle. 

Adding a remote start to your car can make it seem newer than it is, and it adds more convenience to your user experience. 

The parts that you’ll need to add this feature to your 4Runner can cost anywhere from $50 to $200. Those are the only expenses you need to worry about if you plan to install these parts yourself. However, if you’re hiring a mechanic, expect to pay at least an extra $200 for the labor costs. 

If you want to learn more about increasing the value of your 4Runner, this article by Hot Cars is highly recommended. These are some of the most common valuable 4Runner upgrades, but this article has a few additional options you might want to consider. 


How to Prep Your Toyota 4Runner for Resale

If you’re getting ready to sell your 4Runner or any vehicle for that matter, we have a few tips that could make selling it easier. These are just a few things that you should do before selling any vehicle. 

First of all, make sure your car is clean! Yes, this should go without saying but it’s always a great reminder. Get your 4Runner in a condition that you’d be happy with if you were buying a used car. 

A considerate seller should also ensure that all of the vehicle’s fluids are at the correct capacity. When it comes to oil, steering fluid, power fluid, transmission fluid, and wiper fluid, either add the proper amount or change the fluid if need be. 

Also, make sure that all of your systems are in good condition. Depending on your vehicle, this might require a trip to the mechanic. If you want to learn about more ways to prep your 4Runner for resale, we recommend reading this article from Autotrader


Adding Value to Your Toyota 4Runner

These are just a few of the ways that you can increase the value of your 4Runner. Hopefully, this article has shed some light on the 4Runner and the many modifications that are available for it. 

If you ever plan to sell your 4Runner, it’s important to pay attention to its value. Keep the value up by conducting regular preventative maintenance and increase the value even further by installing one of the many modifications listed in this article!

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