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What To Do Before Selling Your Mazda

by Brandon Woodring 17 Jun 2019
What To Do Before Selling Your Mazda - 12Volt.Solutions

For every vehicle owner, there comes a time when they have to, or want to, upgrade to a newer model. So, when it’s your time to get rid of your Mazda, you have two options: trade it in for a new one or re-sell it. Trading it in is less hassle, but you don’t get as much for it as you would if you sold it to another owner. And since Mazdas hold their value, re-selling it is often the better option.

In this article, we look at the things to consider when re-selling your Mazda to another person.

Research Your Market

Before selling your vehicle, you must find out what the true value of your car is. You can do this in one of several ways including checking out the Kelley Blue Book value and by researching how much other used car dealers are selling your car for.

Also, researching the market tells you whether the vehicle you have is a hot seller or one that dealers are finding tough to unload.

Keep in mind that vehicles like family cars and sedans might not seem exciting or exotic, they seem to always be in demand for families who need a convenient method of transportation. Also, be aware that selling vehicles such as convertibles or sports cars are better sold during the summer months.

Don’t Overprice Your Vehicle

If you’re looking to sell your vehicle to get money to put towards a new one, it’s understandable that you want to get the most money you can, however, putting to high a price on your car ensures that it will sit around with no takers.

Again, look at the market and see what other similar models are selling for and then price your vehicle accordingly.

Also, take note of some basic psychological tricks that car dealers and companies use when setting prices. Most prices end in 995 as in $9,995. Now that vehicle costs $10,000, but seeing $9,995 is more attractive for people.

Lastly, leave a little wiggle room in the price in case you get someone who wants to haggle. You can do this by asking slightly more than what you’ll settle for so you can come down if needed and still meet your price.

remote start mazda

Detail The Car

The old saying, ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression’ is just as true when selling cars as it is for anything else. So, before you put your car on the market, give it some curb appeal by giving it a good wash and detail to make it look as clean and like new as possible. Wash it, wax it, clean out the junk from inside and vacuum, and don’t forget to give the tires a nice coat of Tire Wet to make them shine. If you don’t know how to do this or don't have the time, take it to a professional detail shop for a thorough cleaning.

Make Sure It’s Mechanically Sound

Another important thing to get done before you sell your Mazda is to make sure the car is in good working condition, and that includes new brake pads, topping off the fluids, a fresh oil change, and by getting a tune-up. Also, have your mechanic give the car a good inspection to find out if there’s anything seriously wrong and address any issues before putting it up for sale. A potential buyer will want to test drive the vehicle before buying and the last thing you want is for something to go wrong. Lastly, if you have kept your maintenance records, it’s a good idea to have those handy to show a buyer so they can have confidence the car has been taken care of.

Add Some Upgrades

Depending on the vehicle’s age, consider adding some value to it by performing some upgrades to get a better price. One upgrade to consider is adding a remote starter, which can make or break the sale in today’s market. Many people want vehicles with remote start systems and you can have one installed for under $300, and once completed, instantly adds value to your vehicle and makes it more attractive to buyers.

Other upgrades to consider are replacing your foggy headlights with clear lenses and replacing worn wiper blades with fresh ones. Remember, these upgrades add value to your vehicle and it’s always more attractive to a buyer to get a vehicle that they don’t have to put money into after the purchase.

With a little market research and a little money spent, you should have no trouble selling your Mazda to another party and getting the price you want. Make sure your vehicle is clean and running well, and you should have no trouble making the sale.

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