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The kit arrived promptly. Installation took less than 20 minutes in my 2008 Tundra. I just followed along with the Installation video! It rook me through each step and even recommended a very nice spot to put the App Module. Once everything was installed the programing went fast. I am very happy with the results! Thank you for a great product!
Tony's 2008 Tundra.

I love the solution!

Works very well so far on my 2015 Lexus. I was desperately looking for a solution after the factory installed service was deprecated in 2022. This solution works great - got remote starter + App. Can easily start with the key fob and through the mobile app (haven’t tried though being in a distance location from a car). Installation took me about 3 hours )) I am not a mechanic type of person, but was able to assemble it all on my own.

2013-2024 Mazda CX-5 Remote Start

Awesome product....worked out perfectly!

Installed it about 2 weeks ago. Very easy to install and it works flawlessly. Hoping for some good longevity. Can’t wait to use it in the winter!

Works great!

Fairly straight forward installation process. Installation videos did a great job. Remote start feature works great! I'll be getting the extended range remote next! Only thing I wished is the car didn't switch off once the door was opened but i know this is a Toyota thing and can't be bypassed.

Works amazing. Plug and play. So happy.

I replaced my 2008 Dodge Dakota Laramie which had a factory remote start, with a 2009 Dodge Dakota Big Horn, without one. I knew I was going to have one installed, but was nervous about the idea of having some random tech performing invasive surgery on my truck.

When I saw the ad for this remote start and read the reviews, I was excited to find they had a model for my (somewhat rare) model/year, so I ordered one right away.

When it arrived, there unfortunately wasn’t an installation video for my truck, but the instructions were helpful. I was able to locate the ignition module wires by simply removing the rubber boot at the base of the gear selector lever on the steering column. Once I had access, the installation went super smoothly. I fished the wiring harness up, under the dash, to the ignition switch. Unplugged the factory wiring harness. Plugged in the new wiring harness to the switch and then plugged the factory wiring harness I unplugged into the new harness. I then connected the remote start module and it powered up. I tested it right away and was able to get it to start without following the directions for programming it. I think it failed the first time because I didn’t follow the programming instructions, but after manually starting it with the key and then trying again, it worked flawlessly every time. It was so simple.

Next, I installed the app module. The instructions were very clear and it was easy to get that working as well, within a very short time.

I then was able to neatly place the small remote start module behind the kick panel. Last thing I did was zip-tie the app module so that it remains securely facing up for optimal cellular connection. I have not yet connected the remote start to my parking/running lights, because I’m traveling, but it looks very easy.

What is even more amazing is that this has more features and works so much better than the factory remote start, which had a very limited range and required expensive keys and expensive programming. It also only ran for 15 minutes and could only be started two times.

With this remote start, I was able to request a 30 minute run time and it has “unlimited” starts. You wouldn’t want to start your vehicle too many times this way, but I can remember many times where having third start would have been very helpful. Like, if I changed my mind and left an hour later. Etc.

Additionally, the app shows me the current status of my vehicle. Door locked/unlocked. Started or not started. The location of my vehicle as well as the temperature outside. It allows me to start/stop and lock/unlock the truck from anywhere.

It also has an Apple Watch app, which I was able to install on my cellular Apple Watch Ultra and program to launch with the action button. So with a quick press of that button, I can pull up the app and have all the functionality of the iPhone app on my wrist.

Super impressed. Installation was very easy, functionality is more than I ever wanted, and everything has worked flawlessly. Highly recommend!


2018 camry

Fast and easy to install but a video would be nice

2015 Audi S5 Convertible

My car was not like the video and required a lot more work to disassemble as the connections were not visible as in the video. Seems as Audi protected the connection in a convertible and enclosed them in a metal case. Support was great in pointing me in the right direction to solve my issues. This is my second system and I highly recommend 12@Volt Solutions. The four star is for them not having the install video for my model.

Great product!

I got this device for my fiancé and she really loves it! She feels more comfortable turning on her vehicle when it’s cold or she feels like it may be getting late and she can quickly enter her vehicle and the car is warmed up. It turns off within 15 minutes (which is pretty neat) if nobody has entered the vehicle. Highly recommend this vehicle addition.

Awesome product and install was as simple as booking up my tv

Easy installation and installation videos very helpful.

2010 to 2015 lexus rx350

did a push button start on a lexus rx350.......with plenty how tos and step by step instructions it went like a clock....... It was easy to fallow and fast to finish it ...... took me 1 hr and taking off the panels.......easy to do thanks to 12 volt and Shean went by clock work!!!!!!!!!!!

Forever Warranty
Efrain Ojeda

Excellent customer service!!

Easy install

Easy install. The videos and instructions are very clear with each step necessary to complete the install. I should’ve purchased this kit along time ago. My only complaint is that the truck does not beep when you unlock it while the remote start is in use and the low tire pressure light stays for a few seconds after you’ve inserted the key and turned it to the on position.

Remote start with app module 2021 Ram 1500

The app works great I had an OEM remote starter in my truck but wanted long range app. Install was very easy and my OEM remote starter still works if I want to use the fob. The support page was spot on. Thank you this is exactly what I wanted

Great product! Super easy to install

Very easy to install and worked as planned

Robert installation

First time I ever install one of these work right The first time no problems easier to do!!

Truly just Plug and Play!!!!!!

Man this is awesome! I have a '16 GT-R. This kit literally took me all 25 min to install, the how to videos were detailed. I also got the app module kit as well. I can't believe I almost paid a guy $1600 to do what this kit does. Great stuff definitely reccomend.

So far so good. Just installed yesterday. Although it’s plug and play, it’s better to have a professional do the install on an A3.