Third Brake Light Pulsing Module


$49.99 $69.99

Pulsing Brake Light Module

Compatible with ALL vehicles! 


Installation Guide:  VIEW / PRINT

Demo Video: WATCH



NO DEALER ACTIVATION REQUIRED!  No special connectors.  No spending hours trying to figure out a wiring diagram.   This module is simple to install

INSTALLATION TIME:  5 minutes or less!


Will this work with my vehicle?

  • Will work with standard 3rd brake light bulbs
  • Will work with LED 3rd brake lights
  • Not for use on tail light bulbs


Operation of Pulsing Brake Lights

  • The 3rd brake light will pulse a few times and then come on solid every time the brake pedal is pressed


Whats included

  • Pulsing Brake Light Module
  • Connectors
  • Instructions
  • Warranty

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