Ford Remote Start Cluster Settings Programmer


SKU: FRD-12-PRG + return label

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This programmer was specifically designed as a stand alone solution to enable the remote start features in the instrument cluster of select Ford vehicles.  We designed this to be used with both of our Super Duty remote start kits, along with our Ford No Horn Honk kits.   The Remote Start Kit alone, does not enable the Adjustable features so we developed a programmer that will.  This programmer is designed for one use and one use only... to activate the adjustable features in the instrument cluster.  It does nothing else. 

We rent this unit out for $85 (non-refundable) and a deposit of $200 is required (refunded once we receive the programmer back). 


  • Instructions included
  • Pre-paid return label
  • Completion time takes less than 60 seconds


* Rental time of Programmer is 14 days.  We should have the unit back in our hands 14 days after you receive it or you will forfeit the deposit amount (unless specific arrangements have been made).  We know life happens and weather can delay shipping, so if the 14 day rental period can not be met, please contact us for further arrangements so we can make sure you don't lose your deposit.


The total cost that we collect prior to the programmer leaving our facility is $285.  You will be refunded $200 when we receive the programmer back.  $85 is a non-refundable fee.    Please keep in mind that this is one of many ways to activate the settings in your cluster.  By no means do you have to rent this device or use our product.  The dealership can also activate the cluster settings, however, the cost is higher, and you will need to allow time in your schedule.  We simply offer an easy do-it-yourself option at the cost of $85.   *We are now including a pre-paid return label with the rental of this device.

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