Ford Remote Start Cluster Settings Programmer


SKU: FRD-12-PRG + return label

Unlock the OEM Remote Start Setting! 

This programmer is only compatible with the FRD-12 vehicles.   Please check the part number (SKU) of your remote start kit to make sure it starts with FRD-12.  We do NOT have a programmer for the FRD-6 vehicles!


This programmer was specifically designed as a stand alone solution to enable the remote start features in the instrument cluster of select Ford vehicles.  We designed this to be used with both of our Super Duty remote start kits, along with our Ford No Horn Honk kits.   The Remote Start Kit alone, does not enable the Adjustable features so we developed a programmer that will.  This programmer is designed for one use and one use only... to activate the adjustable features in the instrument cluster.  It does nothing else. 

Do I need the programmer?

No, absolutely not! We offer this as an alternative to you having to visit the dealership. Trying to find time out of your bust schedule to take your vehicle to the dealership is bad enough, let alone sitting there for hours and being over charged. Heck, most Ford dealerships have no clue what we mean by "remote start settings in the cluster".  Click HERE for an explanation of the programmer

What options will the programmer unlock?

The 2 main settings that will unlock will be RUN TIME, and CLIMATE CONTROL. Run time options are adjustable from 5, 10, 15 minutes. Our module is already programmed for 15 minutes. The climate setting will let you toggle between "Last Setting" and "Auto Setting". Last Setting is just that.. the last setting you set the climate to is what will kick on during remote start. Auto Setting will heat or cool the vehicle to 70 degrees depending on the exterior temperature. OTHER OPTIONS that could become available in the cluster are solely dependent on the trim level of your vehicle. These options include things like heated seats, heated steering wheel, etc.

How does the it work?

Click HERE to see it in action! It only takes 60 seconds to use.

How much does it cost?

We rent this unit out for $85 (non-refundable) and a deposit of $200 is required (refunded once we receive the programmer back)

Do I have to pay to send it back to you?

Nope! We include a prepaid return label with each programmer that send out!

How long is the rental time period?

The rental period for the programmer is 14 days.

How long does it take to get my deposit back?

We refund deposits the same day we receive the programmer back.

We rent this unit out for $85 (non-refundable) and a deposit of $200 is required (refunded once we receive the programmer back). 



    ***The total cost that we collect prior to the programmer leaving our facility is $285.  You will be refunded $200 when we receive the programmer back.  $85 is a non-refundable fee.    Please keep in mind that this is one of many ways to activate the settings in your cluster.  By no means do you have to rent this device or use our product.  The dealership can also activate the cluster settings, however, the cost is higher, and you will need to allow time in your schedule.  We simply offer an easy do-it-yourself option at the cost of $85.   *We are now including a pre-paid return label with the rental of this device.

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