2020+ Ford Explorer POLICE INTERCEPTOR Remote Start Plug and Play Kit - NO HORN HONK



The ONLY Remote Start System Specifically Designed for the 2020+ Ford Explorer POLICE INTERCEPTOR! 


We work closely with law enforcement all over the country, but we are in tight with our local PD. We do all of the keyless entry systems for them (some interceptors come with a standard key with no lock/unlock buttons). When the Chief brought his Explorer in, he wanted to add a remote start. We used his vehicle to create our one-of-a-kind kit only designed to work on the Police Interceptor Explorer! No hood pin is need like our civilian Explorer kit, and we even provide a max run time of 30 minutes (civilian vehicles get 15 minutes).

Our Interceptor kit is designed with all police functions in mind. We took into consideration that the interceptor vehicles are most likely in Dark Room mode. Our kit accommodates that. Is your Interceptor in Stealth mode while its running? We accommodate that as well. All accessories will power up in remote start mode as if you actually started the vehicle with the key (needed for K-9 cooling systems, etc).


Kit Details

  • 99% Plug & Play
  • 4 easy wires connections need to be made in the vehicle 
  • Installation time: 30-45 minutes
  • All accessories will power up
  • Complete kit - nothing else needed
  • Compatible with our Long Range Remote Kits
  • Compatible with our Smart Phone Module


Requirements & Compatibility

  • 2020+ Ford Explorer POLICE INTERCEPTOR
  • Compatible with key start ignition only
  • Not compatible with civilian vehicles
  • Some vehicles will need to have the hood pin setting enabled inside the BCM (can use Forscan or have a dealership do it if not already enabled)
  • 2021 vehicles will require the factory key fob for remote start to work


Operation of System

  • To Start: Press Lock Unlock Lock on factory key FOB
  • To Stop: Press the same sequence again while engine is on
  • Run Time is 30 minutes
  • Horn will not honk when activating remote start


Special Notes

  • Climate settings are automatically set to Last Setting. This means that where ever you left the climate controls when you exited the vehicle is what will kick on when you activate remote start
  • DON'T HAVE LOCK/UNLOCK BUTTONS ON YOUR KEY? Not a problem! The Long Range Remote Kit that is compatible with our Interceptor remote start will give you keyless entry AND remote start functions! On top of that, you'll get roughly 2000ft of range!
  • WANT LONGER RANGE? If you have the lock/unlock buttons on your key but you want longer range, you can add the same remote kit as mentioned above. Your OEM fob will still start the vehicle as well as the Long Range Remote Kit
  • WANT UNLIMITED RANGE? Add our Smart Phone Module

Installation Overview

  • 30-45 minute installation
  • One T-harness connection and 4 simple wires to connect
  • Programming takes about 30 seconds
  • Phone Module pairing takes 5-10 minutes depending on signal strength


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