2019-2021 Audi RS3 Plug and Play Remote Start Kit (Push Button Start)



IMPORTANT NOTE: One key will need to remain in our kit for the remote start to work - see the Special Notes below


The ONLY Remote Start Kit for the 2019+ RS3, and we made it 100% Plug & Play Kit.

No cutting, No splicing, no Bull$%!#

Kit Details

  • No Stage 2 Programming required
  • 100% Plug & Play
  • Complete Kit - nothing else needed
  • Compatible with our 2-way Long Range Remote Kit
  • Compatible with our Add-On App Module
  • Range is the same as your OEM key FOB

Requirements & Compatibility

  • 2019 2020 2021 Audi RS3
  • Automatic Transmission only
  • Push Button Start ONLY

Operation of System

  • To Start: Press lock 3 times on the OEM key FOB
  • To Stop: Press lock 3 times on the OEM Key FOB
  • Run time is 15 minutes
  • All doors, hood and hatch/trunk must be closed
  • The vehicle will NOT shut off when the door is opened. You can get in and go without having to restart your vehicle

Special Notes

  • Range is the same as your OEM key FOB
  • Vehicle will not shut off when a door is opened
  • No Stage 2 programming required
  • 100% Plug & Play design! No wires to cut or splice!
  • One key will remain in our kit - this is done in a safe manner so your vehicle can not be stolen or unlocked. The battery will be removed so the remote will be "dead" and only the start signal is used during the crank cycle.
  • The key can be retrieved at any time and will be fully functional when the battery is placed back in it.

Remote Start Kit Options and Range

Standard Kit

Remote Start works by pressing the lock button 3 times on your OEM key FOB. Range is the same as your OEM Key

Long Range Remotes

Remote Start, Lock, and Unlock your vehicle with our 1-button remote. This Remote Kit includes one 2-way remote with audible and visual feedback, and one 1-way remote. Range is up to 1 mile, depending on surroundings/environment. Click here for more info about or LRR-P Remote Kit

App Module

Remote Start, Lock, Unlock, Trunk Pop(if supported by firmware), GPS locate, Run Time display, and more. Range is Unlimited. Click here for more info about the App Module