2016-2019 Toyota Tacoma Power Rear Window Switch Relocation Harness



We build the highest quality harnesses on the planet!

We build all of our remote start harnesses with the highest quality components and this rear window switch extension harness is no different.  We use OEM quality connectors and we use OEM size wiring.  To add our finishing touches, we cover this harness in super durable and protective mesh loom.  We then top it off with a thick shrink tubing around the ends for added durability.  No tape. No cheap parts.  No BS!  



    • 100% Plug & Play
    • Complete Harness
    • The easiest solution to relocate your rear power window switch



    • 2016 2017 2018 2019 Toyota Tacoma
    • Must have OEM Rear power sliding window



    • Relocate your rear window switch to the center cswitch panel with ease
    • Our extension harness simply plugs in between your OEM connector and the switch
    • Trimming may be required for your factory switch to fit in the new location of your choice