2014-2020 Porsche Macan Plug and Play Remote Start Kit




Included with this purchase is access to our online Support Hub Remote Start section which includes the most up to date installation videos, guides, and other valuable information. DO NOT WATCH RANDOM YOUTUBE VIDEOS TO AID IN THE THE INSTALLATION OF THIS KIT. We have the most up to date information inside our Support Hub section which is reserved for our customers only.

The ONLY Plug & Play Remote Start Kit for the Macan in the World!

This is the ONLY complete kit on the market, PERIOD! Innovative design that installs without removing any panels from the interior of your vehicle!


    • 99% Plug & Play - only 3 wires to connect in the driver kick panel area
    • Complete Kit - nothing else needed
    • Compatible with our Smart Phone Module


    • 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Porsche Macan
    • Automatic Transmission
    • One key will need to remain in the vehicle


    • To Start: Press the lock button 3 times on factory key FOB
    • To Stop: Press the lock button 3 more times while engine is on
    • Parking Lights will illuminate
    • Run Time is 15 minutes
    • All doors, and hood must be closed

        Special Notes

        • 99% Plug & Play design! Our kit includes two T-harnesses and only 3 wires need to be connected in the driver kick panel area
        • Vehicle will not shut off when the door is opened
        • One key will remain in the vehicle - this is done in a safe manner so your vehicle can not be stolen or unlocked. The battery will be removed so the remote will be "dead" and only the start signal is used during the crank cycle.
        • The key can be retrieved at any time and will be full functional when the battery is placed back in it.