Video Program

With the launch of so many new products, we are reopening our Video Program to our customers and future customers.  With your help, we will be able to offer even more step by step installation videos for future customers!


What is it?

Our Video Program gives our customers the opportunity to film an installation video of our product on their very own vehicle!  This will help us obtain video for specific cars a lot faster than if we just tried to find a vehicle locally.  This also gives us the opportunity to you take detailed pictures if we need for the installation guide.


How It Works!

In a nutshell, you will purchase a kit from our website, install it into your vehicle, and catch the whole thing on camera.  You can then upload it to a dropbox account and share it with us.  We will handle all of the editing and may do some voice over in certain situations.  We will give you credit (if you want) for the video.  We do have certain criteria for the video that you will need to follow.


Whats In It For Me?

In exchange for the installation video, 12volt.Solutions will send you a free Smart Phone Module (SPM) for your newly installed Plug & Play Remote Start Kit!  You will not receive the SPM at the same time as the remote start kit. 


Get Started!

If you are interested in working with us, click HERE and select "Video Program" from the drop down and send us a message!


5 Easy Steps!

1.  You contact us letting us know you would like to participate in our Video Program

2.  You purchase a remote start from our website with a code we provide to you

3.  You film the installation of the remote start kit into your vehicle

4.  You send us the video for review

5.  We accept your entry and send you a free Smart Phone Module


Things you will need to cover:

Every vehicle is different, and with that, comes a different set of tools, a different wiring harness, and so on.  Below is a sample video for you to view so you have an idea of what we are looking for.

You will need to cover:

  • Tools Required
  • Vehicle Disassembly
  • Wire Harness Overview
  • Wire Harness Installation
  • Module Programming
  • Demo of the Remote Start and how to do Take Over

We will guide you with the above and help you along the way.  There are also a few things that we DO NOT WANT in the video and we will cover that if you are selected for the Video Program.


Sample Video