Terms & Conditions

Warranty registration is automatic - After warranty purchase completion, the Forever Warranty is automatically attached to the order/product

The Forever Warranty covers parts only supplied by 12volt.Solutions.  It does not cover labor, fees or other related costs to the remote start system or diagnosis.

This is not an insurance program. This is an extended warranty program for 12volt.Solutions customers only

This warranty is non transferrable and applies to the original purchaser, for as long as they own the vehicle.

Forever Warranty does not cover misuse or abuse of our product.
All Forever Warranty claims are handled on a case by case basis

12volt.Solutions warrants the product to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for the warranty period. If the product fails during normal and proper use and is within the warranty period, 12Volt.Solutions will repair or replace the defective parts of the product, or the product itself, with new or reconditioned parts or products that are functionally equivalent or superior to those originally supplied

The Forever Warranty applies only if the product was new on the date of purchase and not sold as used or refurbished. Please keep the original receipt or invoice for future service requests

This warranty DOES NOT include failure caused by improper installation, operation, cleaning or maintenance, misuse, abuse, or non 12Volt.Solutions modifications to the product.  Exclusions from Limited Warranty Service Product has been tampered with, repaired and/or modified by non-authorized personnel
The serial number of the product, components or accessories has been altered, cancelled or removed

Damage (accidental or otherwise), to the product that does not impact the product’s operation and functions, such as, and not limited to, rust, change in color, texture or finish, wear and tear, and gradual deterioration.
Damage caused by fire, accident, natural disaster, intentional or accidental misuse, neglect or improper maintenance, and use under abnormal conditions.
Damage caused by improper installation, improper connection, Fraud, theft, unexplained disappearance, or willful act

Returning the product to 12Volt.Solutions during your warranty period does not automatically mean that it will be repaired free of charge. Upon receiving your product, 12Volt.Solutions reserves the right to check the validity of your warranty and your request for warranty service.