Support - Magic Box

Please note that this device is NOT for customer use!   This is a device that allows our technicians to remote in to your remote start device to complete Stage 2 Programming or to make changes to the programming on the Remote Start Module.    YOU will not do anything with this device other than what is instructed by our team. 



If you choose to "figure it out" or attempt usage on your own, your warranty will be void and a return/refund will not be accepted. 




  • Must have a fast computer with Windows operating system

  • Must have high speed internet

  • Remote Start System MUST be installed with Stage 1 programming completed

  • You MUST HAVE a fast computer and fast internet for this device to work.   If you have a Windows 98 computer or anything other than HIGH SPEED internet, this option will not work for you



Step One - Download TeamViewer

Download the free version of TeamViewer from HERE to allow us remote access (if you already have a version of TeamViewer on your computer, you do not need to download it again)


Step Two - Contact us to schedule a time to complete Stage 2 programming



IMPORTANT NOTE:   Complete Stage One programming in your vehicle FIRST! 

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