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Welcome to our Support Hub!


This section is new and we will continually be adding information as time goes on.  We appreciate your patience while we build this massive information section of our website.  If you have questions about something that you can't find here, or you see something that needs to be update, please click "Contact Us" and drop us a line!  





What are you installing?  Knowing the difference!


The red orbs below will take you to different sections of our website.   It is VERY IMPORTANT that you click on the correct orb for the task you are doing.  If you are trying to pair long range remotes to your system, click on the "Long Range Remote" orb.   If you click on any other orb, you won't find what you are looking for you'll travel down a black hole only to find the section of the internet where unicorns and leprechauns reside... don't go there.




Here is a break down of what each orb covers.... and what it doesn't

*Some installation will require you to use more than one orb (for example, if you are installing a remote start kit with a smart phone model - you will use the Remote Start Kit orb to complete the installation of the remote start, and then use the Smart Phone Module to install and setup the SPM)


Remote Start Kits 

This orb will help navigate you to our installation guides, videos and other useful information about your specific vehicle.  Here, you will also find videos explaining the wire harness, and some basic troubleshooting tips.    *This orb DOES NOT cover anything related to Long Range Remotes or Smart Phone Modules.  This is a REMOTE START KIT section ONLY.


Smart Phone Module 

This orb will help navigate you through the the different installation methods to many different remote start modules.  Not all modules are created equally.  Some require a pairing procedure while some require a special adapter.  Within this orb, you will also find a video that will walk you through the entire app set up after you have the module installed in your vehicle along with a video that goes over some basic troubleshooting steps.  *This orb DOES NOT cover anything related to our Remote Start Kits, or Long Range Remotes.  This is a SMART PHONE MODULE installation / setup section ONLY.


Long Range Remote Kit 

This orb will guide you through the installation and pairing methods of our Long Range Remote Kits.  Different remote start kits use different remote kits.  These are not universal and One Size Fits All does not apply here.  Within this orb, we go over the installation of the antenna, where to connect it, and how to pair the remotes.  *This orb DOES NOT cover anything related to our Remote Start Kits, or Smart Phone Modules.  This is a LONG RANGE REMOTE installation / setup section ONLY.


Magic Box 

The Magic Box is a device that allows our technicians to login into your computer and remotely complete Stage 2 programming on vehicles that require it. Clicking on this orb, will take you to a page that explains the process and also provides links for software that you will need to download before scheduling an appointment for the Stage 2 completion.   *This orb DOES NOT cover anything other than information directly related to the Magic Box and the use of it.  There will be no vehicle information within this orb whatsoever.