Rain Check Information

Rain Checks will only be offered on products that we have in stock and ran out of (with more on the way), or products that are currently inbound, but delayed.


Products that show "out of stock" on our site will not qualify for a Rain Check as we do not have an ETA on some of these products.  They could be in development.  They could be in production.  They could have an extreme shipping delay with no ETA available.  For this reason, we will not be issues Rain Checks on these specific items. 


The supply chain for inventory has been extremely chaotic this year.   It has created some very challenging obstacles for us, but we haven't given up!   We have been working some very creative strategies to obtain the needed inventory to fulfill our customer's orders.

Our Rain Check will lock in your purchase price and also add you to our fulfilment list.  This will keep your order in queue and make sure that it gets processed and shipped as soon as possible.  You will receive a shipping notification along with your tracking number as soon as we process your order.

Rain Checks can be canceled prior to order fulfillment.

Once an order has shipped, the Rain Check can not be canceled for a refund until the product is returned to us.