Remote Web Programming Service


$44.50 $99.99
SKU: Web Prg Srvc

Save Time & Money!

Some of our remote start kits require a 2 stage programming process.  This will be specified on the product page.  This means that after you receive the kit from us, you would complete Stage One on your own, and then send the module back to us so we can complete the 2nd stage.  This has been the normal routine for the past 2 years.  As business grows we have a need to stream line this process and we are now offering a much more convenient and faster way to achieve the same results.

This service is 100% optional and not required.  We understand if some people do not have a computer or requirements to use this service.  



  • Save roughly a week of shipping time
  • No risk of lost package in the mail
  • Guaranteed to work every time
  • Step by Step walk through
  • Can also help set up Smart Phone Module at the same time
  • Can use a PC - you do not need a laptop
  • Services are non-refundable



  • This serviced is used with our Web Programmer
  • Windows operating system
  • Internet Explorer (can use IE Chrome plug in)
  • Internet Connection


Special Notes

  • A Mac computer running windows will not work
  • Edge internet will not work