2019 Toyota Rav4 Semi-Plug & Play Remote Start Kit (Smart Key)


SKU: Toyo-TL8-40p

Semi-Plug & Play Remote Start System




 No special connectors.  No spending hours trying to figure out a wiring diagram.   This remote start system was designed to make the installation and programming process as easy, and as fast as possible.  This application takes about 30 minutes to install!  Its a very easy, and straight forward process.



Will this work with my vehicle?

  • 2019 Toyota Rav4 with push button start

  • Automatic transmissions only

  • Push Button Start ONLY

  • Compatible with Gar & Hybrid models


Operation of Remote Start

  • On the Factory Key FOB, press the lock button 3 times
  • 3 more presses on the Key FOB will turn the Remote Start off
  • Parking Lights will illuminate when remote start is active
  • Remote Start run time is set to 15 minutes
  • Range is the same as your factory FOB


Special notes about this Remote Start Kit

  • No takeover feature is available- all Toyota/Lexus vehicles will shut down if any door, hood or hatch is opened - There is no way to bypass this.
  • To remote start the engine, the hood, and all doors must be closed.
  • Auto light wire MUST be interrupted if your vehicle is equipped
  • If you plan on using our Smart Phone Module or Long Range Remote Kit, you will need to hook up 1 additional wire