2019 Lexus ES 350 Semi-Plug & Play Remote Start Kit (Push Button Start)


SKU: Toyo-TL8-40p

* * * IMPORTANT NOTE:  This kit will only work on vehicles with a Push Button Start ignition system. 





Semi-Plug & Play Remote Start System




 No special connectors.  No spending hours trying to figure out a wiring diagram.   This remote start system was designed to make the installation and programming process as easy, and as fast as possible.  This application 15-20 minutes to install!  Its a very easy, and straight forward process.



Will this work with my vehicle?

  • 2019 Lexus ES 350 with push button start

  • Automatic transmissions only

  • Push Button Start ONLY

  • Compatible with Gar & Hybrid models


Operation of Remote Start

  • On the Factory Key FOB, press the lock button 3 times
  • 3 more presses on the Key FOB will turn the Remote Start off
  • Parking Lights will illuminate when remote start is active
  • Remote Start run time is set to 15 minutes
  • Range is the same as your factory FOB


Special notes about this Remote Start Kit

  • No takeover feature is available- all Toyota/Lexus vehicles will shut down if any door, hood or hatch is opened - There is no way to bypass this.
  • To remote start the engine, the hood, and all doors must be closed.
  • Auto light wire MUST be interrupted if your vehicle is equipped
  • If you plan on using our Smart Phone Module or Long Range Remote Kit, you will need to hook up 1 additional wire


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