Ford Headlight Switch T-Harness Interface



 The problem

On some of the 2017 Ford Vehicles, the parking lights are not able to be controlled through the data communication during remote start.  This may leave you wondering if your vehicle started, or if the run time as expired.  Visual confirmation won't leave you guessing if your vehicle is running or not.


 The solutions

We've created a T-harness for our Ford Plug and Play remote start systems, that will allow you to gain parking light confirmation by a simple plug and play harness.  

 How it works

The T-harness gets installed in between the headlight switch and the factory connector.  The remaining connector plugs directly into our remote start harness.  No programming, no toggle switches, no wire splicing or cutting.  Simple, right?


Special Notes

  • Not all 2017 require this harness
  •  Parking lights are not required for the remote start to operate



Installation Video