2017-2018 Honda CR-V Plug & Play Remote Start Kit (Push Button Start)



* * * IMPORTANT NOTE: This kit will only work on vehicles with a Push Button Start ignition system. If you have an actual key that you turn to start your vehicle, you will need to purchase the key version kit.

The ONLY True 100% Plug & Play Kit for the 2017+ CR-V

No cutting, splicing or tapping wires! This is the best and most complete kit on the market, PERIOD! Designed for simplicity and reliability!

This kit requires a 2 stage programming method. See the "Special Notes" section below for details.


    • 100% Plug & Play
    • No splicing or cutting wires
    • Printed color instructions included
    • Complete Kit - nothing else needed
    • Compatible with our Long Range Remote Kits
    • Compatible with our Smart Phone Module


    • 2017 2018 Honda CR-V
    • Push Button Start Ignition
    • Automatic Transmission


    • To Start: Press the lock button 3 times on factory key FOB
    • To Stop: Press the lock button 3 more times while engine is on
    • Parking Lights will illuminate
    • Run Time is 15 minutes
    • All doors, and hood must be closed
    • Vehicle will NOT shut off when the door is opened

    Special Notes

    • This kit is 100% Plug & Play and plugs directly into the BCM of the vehicle. The BCM location is behind the plastic panel and to the left of the steering column.
    • STANDARD STAGE 2 PROGRAMMING PROCESS- This vehicle requires a 2 stage programming process. This means, that you will install the kit (minus the parking light wires), program the module to the vehicle and then remove the kit (harness & module) and send the module back to us - this is Stage 1.

      We complete Stage 2 and ship it back out on the same day we receive it from you. When you receive the module back from us, you simply plug it back into the vehicle and you're good to go!

    Don't want to send the module back for Stage 2? NO PROBLEM!

    As an alternative to the Standard Stage 2 Programming Process, we offer an option where we can remote into your computer and do all the programming from our facility which eliminates you having to send the module back to us. This will save a lot of time and prevent the risk of lost packages.

    To use this option, you will need to add the Web Programmer - The Magic Box to your cart when purchasing your remote start kit.


    Web Programmer - The Magic Box

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