2013 Ford Fusion Remote Start Plug and Play Kit - NO HORN HONK



Plug & Play Remote Start System

Ford TSB about Climate Controls during Remote Start: VIEW/PRINT

Installation Guide:  VIEW/PRINT

Installation Video:    WATCH



 NO DEALER ACTIVATION REQUIRED!  No special or extra wiring to do.  No special connectors.  No spending hours trying to figure out a wiring diagram.   This remote start system was designed to make the installation and programming process as easy, and as fast as possible.  This application literally takes less than 5 Minutes to Install - start to finish!!

Will this work with my vehicle? 

     2013 Fusion Gas and Hybrid

  • Vehicle MUST have factory hood pin (if you're not sure, open your hood and turn the ignition on.  The instrument cluster will says "hood ajar". 
  • IF your vehicle does not say "hood ajar", please contact us for a possible remote start solution.


Operation of Remote Start

  • On the Factory Key FOB, press the LOCK - UNLOCK - LOCK
  • Same sequence on the Key FOB will turn the Remote Start off

Special notes about this Remote Start Kit

        • During remote start operation, the climate settings will turn on to where they were last set OR they could be set to auto.  This is entirely dependent on how the vehicles BCM is programmed.  There is no way to tell until the remote start system is installed.  
        • Ford TSB 14-0096 may apply to your vehicle.  See the link at the top of this page.


        Whats included

        • Our 100% Plug & Play harness which comes standard with our safety disable switch, and port for our headlight T-harness-  a 12volt.Solutions exclusive!
        • Remote Start Module
        • Zip Ties
        • Tech Support Contact
        • Referral Program Card
        • Warning Decal
        • Alcohol Pad

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