2013-2018 Ford Taurus Remote Start Plug and Play Kit - NO HORN HONK


SKU: FRD-6-LUL (hybrid)

The Easiest FRD-6 Kit in the WORLD!

This is the best and most complete kit on the market, PERIOD!  With hundreds of units sold, we can proudly stand behind that statement! 



    • 100% Plug & Play for opertaion
    • Option wire connection for parking light illumination
    • Printed color instructions included
    • Complete Kit - nothing else needed
    • Compatible with our Long Range Remote Kits
    • Compatible with our Smart Phone Module 



    • 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Ford Taurus
    • Key Start Ignition only
    • Automatic Transmission
    • You MUST have 2 valid OEM keys to your vehicle (not a clone)



    • To Start:  Press lock, unlock, lock on factory key FOB
    • To Stop:  Press lock, unlock, lock while engine is on
    • Parking Lights will illuminate if optional wire is connected
    • Run Time is 15 minutes
    • All doors, and hood must be closed


        Special Notes

          •  2 keys are required for programming!  These keys must be original and must be able to start the vehicle.  If you do not have 2 valid keys, you will not be able to program the module and the remote start will not work.  You can not use a cloned key for programming. 


        Installation Guide

        Wiring Harness Explained (video)

        Installation Video

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